Easton Noel

First post: Feb 25, 2018 Latest post: Apr 23, 2018
On Monday Feb, 19, 2018, Easton woke up struggling to breathe, was lethargic, and was unable to walk. He went by ambulance to a medical center, where they discovered he had tested positive for Influenza A and would be transferring him to a hospital in Worcester that specializes in pediatrics.  After being admitted, it was discovered that his intestines had twisted and he was in septic shock. He was immediately intubated and was rushed into emergency surgery, where they removed parts of his intestines, colon and cecum. The surgeons were unable to close up his surgical site due to the rest of his body being so sick. It was decided to give him time to recover and hope they could close in a few days. Easton continues to fight the many complications that accompany such a trauma, but he is truly a fighter and proves everyday that he will win!!