Brent Easley

 God will use one situation to expose another one.  We feel that's what  happened in 2006 when Brent was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Autoimmune Hepatitis is a disease of the liver where the liver, essentially attacks itself. Cirrhosis is the end result, along with a slew of horrible (potential) side effects.  
By May of 2013, Brent was placed on the liver transplant list thru Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. When a person is placed on a liver transplant list, a MELD (Model for End Stage Liver Disease) scoring system is used. hat opened the door for the discovery of his liver disease (AUTOIMMUNE HEPATITIS & PSC). 
Over the last 12 years, Brent has suffered through many stages of liver disease. We have so many trips to Northeast Medical Center that we refer to it as our "Northeast Time Share" :-) He has had countless ERCP's, ruptured esophigial varicies