Earlene Hunter

Hello to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

It has been a year of uncertainties as my body rapidly fell to pieces. I'd like to say that my faith remained strong but it wavered even though my heart knew where my Hope came from. And now answers, which have been in black & white (literally, lol!) since last year, were provided in God's time. And with this hope has coursed through and a quickening of my spirit has brought peace.

October 18th I will be going to surgery in Lakeway for lumbar fusion & pelvic stabilization with fusion. In other words, rods in my lower back & rods from my spine to my hips to retilt my pelvis to proper position.  I will not be able to really do much movement ( bend, lift, stairs, stoop, sit, twist etc) for a few months. There is much to do in preparation before the surgery and after the surgery. God has provided so many warriors surrounding me. In this day, warriors are called supporters but we all know where the battle really is fought!! 

I have needs now, during and after. I came upon this site to engage and ask instead of mention and expect. Because the latter of the two leads to disappointment, anger and resentment. Obviously by mentioning that is a very high probability of experience.

My ask is that anything given - time, talent or financial be from your heart with love. Please don't overextend or overcommit. I love your prayers, sent messages of encouragement and thoughts. Sit beside me on this journey. It is new for me to ask for help and that is not one of the things that I  do well. But God has brought me to this place where my old self is dead, my pride is laid down and I kneel humbly not as a beggar but as one in a fellowship or flock of many.

I love you all. I do. Please know there are no frivolous requests, these are needs put before you and God. He will purpose pathways to pour out His blessing if not directly done as a witnessed miracle.

In lovingkindness,