Dylan Hancock

First post: Jul 22, 2021 Latest post: Sep 7, 2021
On the evening of July 14th, 2021, Dylan was involved in an officer-involved shooting in his home in Mikana, WI. Dylan was shot through the neck and was med flighted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Unfortunately, the bullet penetrated through the spinal cord which resulted in a severe complete spinal cord injury, which means he is completely paralyzed from the shoulders down. It is unlikely he will regain any movement from the shoulders down, but we are holding on to hope.  He currently has a tracheostomy (tube surgically placed in his neck) and remains on a ventilator (breathing machine) attached to the trach. They have also placed a temporary pacemaker in his heart to help him if his heart rate gets too low. (Spinal Cord injury patients can have difficulties managing their blood pressure and low heart rates due to the damage of the cord.) They have not needed to use this pacer yet. He also has a tube in his stomach which he is getting tube feeding for nutrition.  He is getting pain medication through the tube in his stomach or in IV form and his pain has been well managed. Because, of being on the ventilator, Dylan is unable to speak but he can mouth words and use alphabet communication boards to communicate. He continues to remain in intensive care but in a stable condition. He remains in good spirits but knows he has a long journey ahead of him. We need everyone’s thoughts, prayers, and love for Dylan and his family during this challenging time. 

We are also asking you to be respectful of Marge Wolff and Brad Hancock's privacy. They are requesting no in person visitors into their homes at this time. Thank you for understanding.  

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