Dylan Dominguez

First post: Feb 21, 2020
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December 7, 2019, my 26th birthday marked the end of quarter of a century and a new beginning. I can’t believe I have been on this planet for 26 beautiful years.

Last August I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I went through multiple appointments to meet with a urologist after the ultrasound confirmed a mass taking over the entire left testicle. Surgery was then scheduled for September 26.

Before this, I had never had surgery, nor any diagnosis as severe as this. I had a clean bill of health. Within the next few weeks, it was confirmed that the cancer was pure Seminoma - a rare form of testicular cancer with little research on the cause, yet affecting 9,000 men each year in the U.S.

After surgery, blood tests were taken, a CT scan and a PET scan confirmed that it had affected the lymph nodes in my abdomen and I was to visit an oncologist to schedule chemotherapy treatment.
I. was. devastated.

I quickly pulled myself up and embraced the opportunity to heal through medicine.

On Jan 27, 2020 I started my 9-week treatment schedule. 3 rounds of chemotherapy for 9 weeks. I am on week 3 and my hair is finally starting to fall out from the Bleomycin, I am experiencing neuropathy in my hands, feet, face and tongue, and ringing in my ears. My teeth are beginning to loosen, and food tastes incredibly unappealing and spicy. My immune system is compromised and I am now susceptible to getting sick more easily so precautions like wearing a mask is necessary.


Your help will cover rides to and from appointments when driving is not safe, living expenses, food, medicines, extra costs for dental expenses not covered totally by my insurance being that I am over 21 (possible surgery), and debts made prior to having insurance: Ultrasound, Urologist appointment, Physician appointment, Oncology appointment.


1. Cancer is a gift:

It is the body's way of telling itself that a major change needs to take place for survival.

I am learning self care like never before.

2. WHAT we know and WHO we know, will determine HOW we live this life.

3. We need each other as humans in this time, it is essential to our survival.

4. GO to a Dentist regularly. Oral care is the NUMBER ONE factor in disease - a clean mouth is a clean body.

I appreciate you. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I appreciate your considerations.

I know I’ll come out stronger from the experience, especially with your help.

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