Duane Sleichter

First post: May 28, 2022 Latest post: Jun 16, 2022
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On Wednesday 5/25/2022, Duane was working at the house getting the pool ready for a repair man that was coming on Thursday.  We needed to get the cover off the pool and carry a 300 lbs pool heater around to the back patio. The heater couldn’t be tilted so using a dolly was not an option. Duane and our brother Drew decided they could handle carrying it with moving straps and went all they way around without stopping for a break.  Once it was sat down, Duane, Drew, my dad, and me were joking around and I remember hearing Duane laugh.  At that moment, he passed out and fell forward onto the concrete hitting his head.  He was out before he started to fall as he didn’t even lift his arms to try to stop himself. 
Dad (Don) called 911, and Drew and me worked to get him rolled over, he was not breathing and had no pulse, 911 instructed to begin CPR.  Drew administered CPR until the first responders arrived and began to work on him. After a short time they got his pulse back and worked to get him transported to the ER.  A CT scan revealed that Duane has a fracture to his left cheek, 7 broken ribs on his left side and had a collapse lung.  Once they placed the chest tube to reinflate the lung, he was able to start breathing on his own partially (the ventilator had been doing 100% before that). They got him stabilized in St Peters and then transferred him to Big Barnes.  
He is now in the trauma ICU in critical but stable condition. On Thursday the doctors were able to remove his ventilator and he was doing good. He was alert and talking.  The Doctors are all amazed at how well he is doing (all things considered) and more than 1 has told me that whoever did the CPR saved his life. They have said it is very rare that a patient have no cognitive lose and impact brain damage) when it was as long as it was from the time he collapsed till the time they had his pulse back.  That shows how perfectly executed the CPR was done so his brain was never deprived of oxygen.  
Unfortunately, the right side of his heart is not working properly (barely squeezing) and although he had a good day, he struggled during the night and it was decided to put him back on the ventilator on Friday. This allowed him to rest, stabilize him, and get a needed heart test done.  The Cardiac Cath showed no blockages in the arteries, this rules out one possible cause and solution. Now they have to decide next steps. For now they are keeping him sedated, and controlling his heart pressures with medication.