Duane Lysholm

First post: Jun 7, 2022 Latest post: Jul 4, 2023
Dad started having new health problems in January of 2021. The doc's thought he needed a pacemaker to regulate his heart based on the symptoms.  I retired early to help him out. I was blessed to spend every day in the truck with my irreplaceable dad since then. In March of 2022,  just as we found a buyer and started the process of closing the business (so he and mom could finally retire and head off to the desert) he started having similar health symptoms like the previous year. It wasn't his heart after all.

Dad endured many different types of tests and the health professionals eventually landed on MDS, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a precursor to Leukemia. They tried to stop the disease with Chemotherapy. The chemo only did about half it's job, and killed off all the good stuff and let the leukemia blasts flourish in his bone marrow. I guess only 40% of people with MDS end up with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, but Dad wasn't one of the 60%. He had already endured the damage to his strength and nervous system caused by ALS, and IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis) and we all prayed he would beat his new challenge of MDS. Oncology doc's said otherwise

With the eventual diagnosis of AML, and his body's reaction to the chemo, the doc's had no other options but to transition to comfort care. The family was dealt a devastating blow the same day we got the biopsy results. We lost my sister Kara to what is believed to be a massive stroke, the morning we were supposed to hear the news of Dads bone marrow biopsy. We are all still devastated. She went peacefully in her sleep thank God. Amen and Amen!

As we transition Dad to hospice care, with mom and I by his side daily, Dad was hoping to hear from the many family members and dear friends, and be able to read the stories and memories of the fantastic people in his life. 

Please take the time to write something you remember. A story about anything that means something to you, because it will mean so much to him, the best Dad on the planet! 

Mom and I plan on being by his side every day and hope to read your stories to him, to bring some joy and comfort to him. Dad has a full tank of Jesus, and his right foot is never off the throttle, but I'm sure God knows what's coming His way!