Dick Piker

First post: Nov 25, 2020 Latest post: Sep 8, 2021
Friends and family,
A little over a month ago while Mom and Dick were still in Minnesota, Dick got a flu shot that led to severe pain through his arm and down into his hand. He went into an urgent care and then saw his doctor in Grand Forks. They performed an ultrasound and saw that he had a nick in the nerve where the shot was given. 
After they arrived in Arizona, the symptoms were getting worse and they scheduled an appointment with a primary care doctor on November 17th. He sent in a referral for them to see a neurologist down in Arizona. The appointment had been set for November 30th, but they both noticed he seemed to be having more symptoms that did not appear to be related to the shot. They began documenting the symptoms on Saturday and realized they may not be able to wait until November 30th. 
On Tuesday morning, Dick decided it was time to go in and tripped and fell moments before he got in the truck to go to the ER. He was taken by ambulance to Banner Del Webb where a CT scan was performed and a mass was found on his brain. He was then transferred to Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. An MRI was performed late last night and surgery has been scheduled for sometime Friday morning to remove the mass. At this time, they cannot be certain what it is until the surgery is performed.
Please keep Dick, Mom, Hayes and the whole family in your prayers, and say an extra prayer for the medical team taking care of him. Mom and Hayes are not able to see him due to the Covid protocols, but Dick is able to call them. He is in good spirits and still has his great sense of humor! We will update as we learn more.

Thank you for the continued prayers!