Doug Hindman

First post: Nov 1, 2022 Latest post: Nov 24, 2022
In mid-October Doug complained of pain in his lower back and had not been recovering from an earlier bout with Covid. He had recovered somewhat but a cough lingered. The pain in his back turned out to be an inflamed infection in his left lung.  He was transferred to St. Joseph Hospital (Main) in Lexington, but the resulting pneumonia quickly advanced to the point of needing a procedure to drain the fluid. That procedure was only partially successful. 

The fluid, shown to be the result of two different anti-biotic resistant bacteria, was more like glue and so would not drain from the chest tubes. Multiple antibiotics, more bronchoscopy work, and ongoing ventilator support failed to make any difference. After more than a week of attempted interventions, Doug made it very clear he wanted no more surgeries and no more tracheal vent support. On October 27, he made the decision along with his family to enter hospice care. 

He is now under the care of Bluegrass Care Navigators at the in-patient facility at St. Joe Main. He is able to be conscious for parts of the day, and reports that he is not suffering any pain. He is often confused, however, and tires easily. He has enjoyed a few visits, but has to recuperate after each one. We are asking that if you are considering a visit to please call his sister Sally Hindman and to let her coordinate a good time for loving but (necessarily) brief visits. Please do leave him messages here. Family and Rev. Kent (his friend and minister) will read him the messages and carry your love and support as journey continues.