Dorothy Kotalik

First post: May 10, 2020 Latest post: Mar 2, 2021
October 2019 Dorothy was in hospital for pneumonia she went to a recovery center for a week after and went back home to The Legacy.   They continued with in home PT and OT.

November 2019 Dorothy was in hospital for bloody stools went back home to The Legacy with in home PT and OT.

Early December 2019 Dorothy was in hospital for edema went back home to The Legacy with additional care provided by daughter Betsy until Jeanne got back home from trip.   They continued with in home PT and OT.

Late December 2019 Dorothy was in hospital for edema again and she went to a recovery center for 3 weeks. From this visit they discussed palliative care as they saw a pattern and wanted to make sure she was prepared and discussed end of life decisions.   Her health care directive was updated and made clear what she wanted and didn’t.  

This stay in the hospital and recovery center they prescribed a low sodium diet because she is in congestive heart failure (CHS).   Jeanne looked for other arrangements for her to live that could accommodate a low-sodium diet but Dorothy didn’t want to move as she loved her beautiful apartment.   So, Jeanne made arrangements to have low-sodium diet delivered and served to her at The Legacy.

On April 2, 2020 Dorothy Kotalik ended up in the hospital from a stroke.   She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and from discussions with The Legacy they would not be able to care for her.  In addition, the hospital couldn’t find a place for her because most of the nursing homes were either having COVID19 break-outs or the rehab facilities where being reserved for non-COVID19 care.  No one could see her while in the hospital because of COVID19 nor FaceTime because of HEPA laws.  After 4 days in the hospital her family was consulted about hospice.   They didn’t see Dorothy recovering back to walking so they provided a hospice nurse for consulting that was able to FaceTime for Jeanne to make decisions regarding long term care.

When in the hospital in January, Jeanne discussed long term care with Dorothy.   She didn’t want a nursing home and Jeanne mentioned a group home that she knew of and how they cared for people who needed a lot of care.   Dorothy advised that if she ever needed nursing care, she would prefer that type of facility.   She is in a wonderful home located in Shoreview, MN that was built as a group home for elderly people and is run by Arthur’s Senior Care.   It is a 24/7 nursing care home that Dorothy will be cared for until the end.   Dorothy moved in on April 15, 2020 and was greeted by several excited grandchildren, niece, daughter and son-in-law (all maintained social distance and had banners while they wheeled her in a stretcher to her new residents).  She was quarantined for 2 weeks to her bedroom to make sure she didn’t bring the COVID19 virus with her.

April 29, 2020 Jeanne was able to see her at a distance of 6 feet and wearing a mask outside on the front porch.  Yeah! This was the first time since March 11, 2020 because The Legacy went into lockdown.

She is in great care as there is 1 to 3 care giver to resident ratio during the day to make sure Dorothy is well cared for.   She had to be on thicken liquid and pureed food diet because of her loss of muscle control.   Her right side has been more affected by the stroke.

Dorothy wanted to attempt physical therapy and it was started at the new care facility as of May 1, 2020.   However, she either was too tired to respond or advised them that she wanted to be left alone when they attempted to help her.  From a virtual doctor visit on May 5, 2020 discussions were about how to best to care for Dorothy.   She was part of the discussion and she said she wanted to try to physical therapy, but she isn’t able to stay awake and remember the goals that she has set for herself.  Dorothy has alert moments and then very sleepy moments.   The alert days are few between so PT advised that she isn’t responding to cues nor assistance.   After the last visit of PT on May 8, 2020 Dorothy’s family was advised that hospice care would be the best for her and because of the following care needs for Dorothy:

·         Not able to stand.   Hoist used for all movement or 2 people lift,

·         Incontinency,

·         Her right arm is dislocated because of the stroke,

·         She has limited muscle control and will slump in recliners, and needs to be repositioned many times during day,

·         Slurred speech somedays, depending on good or bad days,

·         Memory is day by day.  She doesn’t maintain occurrences from the current day, but can recall long term memory of people or events.      

Best way to communicate with Dorothy is FaceTime on her cell phone.  We will be working with the home to find other methods if you don’t have an iPhone.  We will be sending updates of her condition through this site.  Her permanent mailing address is:

Dorothy Kotalik

3310 Emmert Street

Shoreview MN, 55126

 Dorothy really does know everyone that is part of her family and has been supportive of her in the past.  She loves hearing from you and catching up.   Just note that depending on day there may be hallucinated moments or memory recalls that she has.   Enjoy her in the moment and comfort her.  

Due to COVID19 only one designated person may visit her on the front porch at this time.  When they start (if ever) allowing visits this site will be updated with how to schedule the visits.