Doris Pruetting

First post: Mar 28, 2018 Latest post: May 8, 2018
Doris Pruetting is the center of a strong family of five including 2 sons, Chris and Mike, and 1 daughter, Debi, and her Husband, Joe.  She has a humorous personality and always likes to laugh and a real love for her children and grandchildren (Zach, Mason, Sadie, Katie, Kim, Alexander, Nathan and Christian).  She is what made this family our family.  Now Doris is sick and diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the Kidney as well as lung cancer.  While she had been dedicating her time to get Joe healthy from throat cancer and a laryngectomy, she then became sick herself.  She had a kidney removed in September 2017 due to squamous cell carcinoma with a very large tumor intact.  Within 5 weeks she then had 1/2 of her lung removed.  While under care for lung cancer, she started chemotherapy which made her stomach sicker and sicker.  After nearly completing Chemo treatments, the stomach pains never went away.  She was in-and-out of hospitals with various diagnosis until 16 March 2018 she was told that she has malignant cells in her stomach caused from squamous cell carcinoma in her remaining kidney, an often misdiagnosed cancer that, when found, usually is in a very advanced state.  This form of cancer only presents in