Dora Oxborrow

First post: Aug 26, 2021 Latest post: Aug 31, 2021
Welcome to our CaringBridge website.  A long time ago, we decided that we would do everything in our power to keep mom in her home until the day she died.  Dad and mom built this home with the help of their family some 30 years ago.  Lots of love, laughter and memories here. Since dad died in 2008 she has been pretty darn independent and if she needs help she will pray and the Lord opens her eyes on where things are or how to do something that a woman with severely crippled hands would never be able to do unless it was divine help.  Alma 14:26….”Oh Lord give me strength according to my faith which is in Christ”That’s our  momma! 
So here is a little background, mom has been having a rapid decline the last several months.  She has had some loss of memory, decline in her physical coordination that progressed to the point that her children felt that she needed to have 24 hour support which started July 24,2021.  On Monday August 23,  Deanna had spent a wonderful week with mom, I dropped Deanna off at the airport and got a covid test.  I was back by 5pm.  I knocked on the sliding door and she stood up to open the door.  As she did that,  she began to fall, miraculously the door was open, which those of you that know mom know that never happens.  I pulled the door open and caught her before she fell.  I asked her if she was ok and she said,”I must have been dreaming, the Lord told me it was my time to come home.  I told him that I needed to learn more first.”  That’s our momma!