Donny Johnsrud

First post: Jun 16, 2022 Latest post: Aug 10, 2022
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Story from Roz:
We are completely overwhelmed with emotions; fear, sadness but mostly grateful. As many of you have heard, Donny collapsed and went in to sudden cardiac arrest yesterday at work. Tim Hruby  and Brandon Bakken went into immediate response to help Donny and basically, saved his life. First responders arrived very fast as well and included Joe Hruby, Tanner Wellman and many more. Prior to first responders arriving, Tim gave CPR and kept Donny blood flowing/oxygen moving. Once the Goodridge First Responders arrived, they took over with CPR and a shock from AED. TRF ambulance brought him to ER in TRF; Brad was with ambulance and I met them from work. Donny started going down hill quick in ER in TRF and so they intubated him and life flight was there within minutes. We arrived in Fargo yesterday afternoon (6/15), an hour or so after the incident. The breathing tube was taken out shortly after arriving in Fargo and they reversed sedation to see "how alive he is"  (6/15) and as of today (6/16), he is more alert and knows who he is, who we are, how old he is and although tired, is the Donny we know and love. He was airlifted to Mayo Clinic this afternoon (6/16) as it's just not normal for a healthy, strong 16 year old boy to go into cardiac arrest with all tests coming back normal with the exception that his heart stopped and his heart is stressed from it. No structural issues, rhythm is normal since he got here. He arrived at Mayo this afternoon (6/16) with more testing planned. After his arrival, he was seen by 3 cardiologist. They are working to figure out why this happened. All three recommended internal defibrillator be placed as this was "an aborted sudden death" as they call it. He will likely have a defibrillator the rest of his life. So if/when it happens again, it will shock him. The biggest change for him right now is there will be no contact sports, at least at the competitive level. He was also seen by neurology, he has no recollection of the event, or much of the day at all. He had some trouble spelling words backwards and understanding analogies but they don't expect much at this point anyways. Still assessing...
We are so thankful he is with us and seeming more like himself. When the first thing he asked for was his hat, I knew I had my Donny back! I cannot begin to thank Tim Hruby, Brandon Bakken, Joe Hruby, Tanner Wellman and all the GOODRIDGE FIRE AND RESCUE/First Responders and Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center enough. All the doctors here have said repeatedly how they are so impressed with the response and the outcome. We appreciate all the prayers and messages.
I may not be great at responding to the messages and texts but please keep them coming, they mean so much to him and all of us. And one final note, the second thing Donny asked is for me to call Tim Hruby to tell him he wouldn't be at work today.