Donnie Turner

First post: Jul 4, 2022 Latest post: Aug 7, 2022

As all of you visiting my Caring Bridge site probably already know, I was diagnosed with stage 3 adenocarcinoma of the lower esophagus and upper stomach at the end of February 2022. I could not have surgery at that time because there were a couple of lymph nodes involved. So, I had to have chemo and radiation. As of June 4th I completed 4 rounds of chemo and 24 radiation treatments.

I am currently at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I had tests last week to make sure the cancer had not spread anywhere else, and good news, it had not. So tomorrow June 5th, I will have surgery to remove part of my esophagus, the top part of my stomach and some lymph nodes. What is left of my stomach will be made into a tube and brought up to be my new esophagus. The surgery is fairly long and will forever alter how I eat and my sleeping position. Sleeping basically in an incline position for the rest of my life so that digestive fluids or foods don't come up and cause an aspiration into the lungs. The treatments I have been through and the surgery I am about to go through are difficult and life changing, but I am ready to get it done. I have a great surgeon and I have so much confidence in her!

So many of you have prayed for me, please don't stop, I still need your prayers! I still have a lot of healing and adjusting to go through. I don't think I would have made it through all of this without prayers on my behalf.

My granddaughter, McKenzie, and my wife, Holly, are going to give updates here on Caring Bridge as to how I am doing through this week. So many of you have text and or called me, or called or stopped by the shop checking on me during this journey. Your love, support and encouragement has meant more than you will ever know and I wanted a way to keep everyone informed since I will be out of commission for a few days.