Donna Paslay

First post: Oct 24, 2020 Latest post: Jul 9, 2021
.OfWelcome to our CaringBridge website we are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. Donna will have surgery tomorrow at 1:30 in Gainesville at North Florida Regional Medical Center. Her 1st surgeon will do a hysterectomy robotically. The 2nd surgeon will be removing a mass about the size of an orange. He's hoping it's not attached to anything and he can just lift it out. If it's attached to her colon, then it will be a huge surgery lasting 4 to 5 hours and she could end up with a temporary colostomy for 3 months or a perminent one and will be in the hospital for 5 to 7 days. They don't know if it's malignant or benign. I will be updating as results come in thank you for your prayers. Dave "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things to Him be the glory forever Amen". Romans 11:36 They were late taking Donna back. it was 3:40pm and surgery will take around 4 hours. Doctor just told me the historectamy went fine no problems. Now the colon Doctor is looking at how to remove the mass. 7:45pm est Donna is still in surgery. 8:10pm Nurse called said it would be another hour to finish up surgery. Everything was going ok. 10:07pm Donna is in recovery room waiting to hear from the Doctor. 11pm est Donna had 6 hours of surgery she is in her room now. No complications during surgery. 8:50am Donna is in pain morphine is on the way. They did a temporary colostomy. Praise God only temporary. They will reverse the colostomy in the 3 months. The tumor was larger than they thought it was 8 cm. Donna was in a lot of pain earlier. They have her on morphine and Tylenol and is helping a lot. No food today only a little water. Tomorrow should be a much better day!!! Tomorrow Oct 11th is Donna's birthday!!!! 10/11 5pm eat. Donna had a better day today. They got her up to walk to the door of the room and then she sat in the chair for 3hrs.  They gave her some liquids and popcycle today Which she loved. She said to thank everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes. God is good!!! sorry I forgot to put the Hospital Donna is in. North Florida Regional Medical Center 6500 W Newberry Rd, Rm 289 Gainesville, FL 32605 Donna had a rough night. Please pray for her strength to return and no infections. She has gotten up to walk 3 times today. Oct. 13th Donna had an ok night. The doctor said she could have some mash potatoes and gravy today. First food she has had since last Thursday. She is really week. The Doctor was pleased with the healing and said she might be able to go home Thursday. 3pm They did lab work today and she needs a couple of units of blood. That's why she has been so sluggish and tired. They are having difficulty finding veins in her arm. 🙏 🙏 🙏 Oct 14 Another bad night. She got 2 units of blood around midnight. She is still very week. They will get her up to walk today. The tumor is squamous cell carcinoma stage 2, they don't know if it went to any lymph nodes yet. He said I probably don't have to take chemo but I'd have immunology and radiation instead which I won't loose my hair. I'm so thankful I still have my port, for the immunology. I started perking up at noon today, my pain level of incisions are about a 4. Continue to pray for healing and the next steps of treatment. Oct 16 1pm Donna is home at last. I will continue to update. Oct 17th Last night was long Donna had to go to the bathroom every hour and 15 minutes, but today has been really good. She is eating good and we have not had any accidents emptying her bag!!!!! It's very easy. Hoping tonight will be a good sleep. Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. Oct. 19 Donna's strength is really improving her spirits are good. Pray for continued healing. Oct 20 Donna's strength continues to improve. We changed out her bag today and no leaks yet!!!

Oct 22
Donna had a good day. Tomorrow we see the Doctors. They will remove the staples. Praying for good results and a plan of treatment.