Donna LaBree

First post: Nov 4, 2021 Latest post: Jan 4, 2022
Donna's journey with breast cancer has been long and strenuous. In 2007, at the age of 39, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being the first in our family with this disease, it was difficult to come to terms with. But, you know Donna! She is a fighter and after a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, she was cancer-free!

Almost ten years, to the day, she found out that her cancer had returned, and metastisized to other areas of her body. Again, she is a fighter, and she approached this grim news with the strength and tenacity that only Donna could! She has gone through multiple treatments, some good and some bad. But she is resilient, and stubborn, so she met the challenges head on.

In October of 2021, mom was hospitalized for vomitting and dizyness. It was then, that we learned the cancer had moved onto her brain. With multiple tumors on her frontal and occipital lobes, they moved quickly with a treatment plan. This plan included gamma knife surgery on the front of her brain, and radiation on the back. Unfortunately, the cancer is as stubborn as Donna, and they returned fairly quickly. This caused her to go for another round of full brain radiation.

As we come to this critical time, we will be updating this as much as possible.