Dominik Walters Dominik Walters

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How did we get here? Well, we were enjoying a nice weekend at grandma and grandpa's cabin on Long Lake in St. James, MN. On Saturday, July 28th, after Dominik's afternoon nap and relaxing pontoon ride, we decided to go swimming. Dominik was super excited to show daddy how he could jump off the dock. He leaped off the dock to Ryan three or four times while perfecting his cannonball. Unfortunately on his fifth jump, he appeared to seize as soon as he hit the water and went limp immediately. Ryan put him on the dock and Tiff yelled for someone to call 911. Thankfully, people from the cabins next door came to Dominik's aid and were on the dock within 30 seconds administering CPR until the ambulance arrived 10 minutes later. The ambulance took Dominik to the hospital in St. James. When we arrived at the hospital, he was without a pulse and still receiving CPR. After 20 minutes of CPR and countless epinephrine pushes he regained a pulse strong enough for him to be airlifted to Mayo in Rochester, MN. He arrived at 8:00pm, and after enduring the longest car ride of our lives, we arrived at 10:00pm. The attending PICU physician told us that he either had a seizure or massive cardiac event and was currently intubated and sedated.