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The Kong Extreme Dog Toy The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is for those dogs who are too strong for normal Indestructible Dog Chew Toys (  Used by the police AND the military to train their dogs, this is a serious piece of dog toy!

Dogs have strong teeth anyway, no matter their size, but some breeds by dint of their size or how they’ve been bred have abnormally strong jaws and teeth.

Made from thick, flexible yet hard rubber, the Kong Extreme Dog Toy is absolutely safe, non-toxic and won’t splinter in your dog’s mouth.

The Kong Extreme Dog Toy Its odd shape makes it a great chase toy for a dog and more-so because you can stuff it with treats.

Toys such as these promote good behaviour in canines, reducing the amount of separation anxiety our dogs often face when we leave the home, as well as

->Giving them exercise for their jaws 
->Cleaning their teeth, reducing bad breath and improving all round oral health 
->Giving them something to chew apart from something you might want to use for its intended purpose one day 

“I have used Kong dog toys for years both personally and professionally. I trained K9′s for years and the Kong is an excellent reward. This latest purchase of for my house German Shepherd…and 86 pounder who has destroyed most other chew toys.”

“I do pit bull rescue and I’m ALWAYS looking for durable toys. This Kong is my favourite of all. I like to have three per dog so that I can mix up batches of Kong stuffing (peanut butter, bananas, and oats) and then freeze them. They are AWESOME for crate training. We LOVE the Kongs!”

The Kong Extreme Dog Toy is about as close to indestructible as you’re going to get, but of course nothing will withstand a dog’s gnawing forever, so ensure that if you notice the toy wearing down, replace immediately.