Dodie Harris

I have small cell carcinoma. I should begin Chemotherapy within the next two weeks. I will do several months of treatment, then I will be treated with radiation in my lung. This type of cancer generally responds well to treatment. So praying it does for me as well. I will have 2 procedures prior to beginning chemo. I will have another MRI to see if the cancer has spread to my brain, and also have a port put in to administer the chemo. My back is probably not going to feel better, so they will be working with me on pain management. I’ve been fortunate because my back has several things wrong with it, including cancer in the bones, but my pain isn’t as bad as it should be. I was happy to hear I was going to be receiving chemo for months, because that means I’m alive. Thank you to all who have/are praying for me, who have been here to help me and my family.