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Sunday, Sept. 20th with the boys checking out the Aspens turning.

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Latest post: May 1, 2016
(Read this for a timeline of key events over the past 6+ years...)

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Since I've been so derelict in updating this site over the past years, I figured the best route to start back is to list all the treatments and activities that we've been going through. To be honest, 6 years ago I didn't think I'd be talking about more treatments at this point, but I have to say I prefer this over the alternative, unless the alternative was complete remission, which unfortunately just hasn't been the case. Oh well...

To be specific, though, I've been diagnosed/treated for T2 N2b M1 (AJC stage IVC) poorly-differentiated infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma of the left tonsillar fossa, metastasized to the lungs; simply put head/neck cancer that started in the tonsil then moved to both lungs and is commonly called squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC); gotta wonder why the don't call it large cell; who uses the term "non-small" anyway? Sucks either way. But we get through it one day at a time with Jill's relentless love and support, the ability to be there and part of Drew, Cameron, and Richie's growth, Mom's (Sandy) visits and never-ending concern, and Dave, John, and Steve's (and their family's and loved ones) visits, phone calls, emails, and more, the step-family, cousins, aunts/uncles, doctors, friends, prayers, spiritual blessings, and God's grace, and I could go on an on.

But following is a table of the key things we've been going through. This is a running history of what's been happening for your perusal and also for my reference. I'll work to keep it up to date and add more detail to help clarify some terms.

- Date                Action                    Comments

- 06/17/09          Tonsillectomy       Initial diagnosis of Head/Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in left tonsil

- 06/30/09          IMRT Radiation    40 Treatments of Radiation, lasted from June-Sept.; left tonsil, right lymph node

- 07/01/09          Chemo                 1/2 dose Cisplatin & Docetaxel (Taxotere) chemo to assist radiation; infusion every 3 weeks for 5 treatments

- 07/09/09          PEG Tube            Insertion of temporary feeding tube required because radiation will close up my esophagus

- 09/03/09          IMRT Radiation   Last day of IMRT Radiation thank God!!!

- 12/03/09          PEG Removal      

- 01/01/10          Chemo                 1st full chemo series; Cisplatin & Docetaxel (Taxotere); infusion every 3 weeks for 6 treatments

- 02/05/10          HBO                     25 Days pre-debridement surgery; hyperbaric oxygen treatment for xx days

- 02/17/10          PET Scan             

- 03/09/10          Debridement         Initial symptom of osteoradionecrosis (ORN) due to IMRT treatment to tonsil

- 03/11/10          HBO                     10 Days (35 total to date)

- 09/28/10          Surgery                 Lung VAT Wedge removal; tumor removed/biopsied to confirm same as Head/Neck

- 10/06/10          Surgery                 Lung collapsed 2 days post surgery; back to hospital to re-inflate lung, stay until healed (no fun)

- 11/08/10          PET Scan             

- 12/17/10          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 12/22/10          Chemo                 2nd chemo series; infusion every 3 weeks; 8 cycles ended 5/18/11; with Carboplatin & Taxol

- 12/29/10          Ultrasound           

- 01/27/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 03/10/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 04/20/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 06/01/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 07/13/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 09/30/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 12/27/11          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 01/23/12          SBRT Radiation   LUL (ant)

- 04/01/12          SBRT Radiation   RLL (post)

- 04/01/12          SBRT Radiation   LUL (post)

- 04/10/12          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 06/25/12          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 08/17/12          PET Scan             

- 10/15/12          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 10/26/12          SBRT Radiation   LUL Ling Seq (ant); 3 days treatment

- 11/07/12          SBRT Radiation   RLL (post); 5 days treatment

- 12/18/12          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 02/04/13          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 04/01/13          SBRT Radiation   RLL (post)

- 04/03/13          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 04/11/13          SBRT Radiation   RLL (post); 3 days treatment

- 04/22/13          SBRT Radiation   LLL (post); 5 days treatment

- 06/14/13          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 08/01/13          SBRT Radiation   LUL (ant)

- 11/14/13          SBRT Radiation   5 days treatment

- 01/10/14          Echocardiogram  Normal

- 01/10/14          ECG                    Normal

- 01/10/14          CT Scan              Chest/Head/Neck; LUL 8mm

- 01/21/14          Oncology             Infusion 13-2359 Study PF-05212384 110mg in D5w 100ml IVPB

- 01/21/14          Oncology             12-2359 Study dacomitinib 2x15mg daily (EGFR inhibitor) 6 cycles; ended 6/16/14

- 02/03/14          Oncology             Pnuemonitis/inflammation in rt lower lung showed; trial drug stopped

- 03/17/14          CT Scan              Chest & Head/Neck

- 04/07/14          Ultrasound           Echocardiogram; Normal; follow-up to clinical trial

- 04/28/14          CT Scan              Chest/Head/Neck; Rt infrahilar node 8x10mm; LUL superior 11mm

- 05/19/14          Ultrasound           Echocardiogram; Normal; follow-up to clinical trial

- 06/09/14          CT Scan              Chest/Head/Neck; Rt infrahilar node 18x20mm;LUL superior 13mm

- 06/16/14          ECG                    Right bundle branch block no longer present compared with 1/10/14 ECG

- 07/09/14          PET Scan             

- 07/14/14          Oral Surgery         Lower Left Rear teeth extraction

- 07/15/14          HBO                     10 days (45 total to date)

- 08/17/14          Chemo                  3rd chemo series; 6 cycles ended 12/2/14; with Carboplatin & Taxol

- 10/28/14          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 11/13/14          PET Scan             

- 12/09/14          Ultrasound            Clot in arm from Chemo; placed on Xarelto for 3 months

- 12/16/14                                       Pneumonitis set in

- 01/27/15          CT Scan               Chest Scan

- 02/04/15          Oral Surgery         Debridement of lower left molars

- 02/05/15          HBO                     10 Days (55 total to date)

- 02/26/15          HBO                     10 Days (65 total to date)

- 04/07/15          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 05/11/15          Office Visit            Initial visit for jaw muscle infection

- 06/12/15          ENT                      Hearing test; mandible review

- 07/08/15          Office Visit            Cardiology Workup

- 07/15/15          Office Visit            Physical

- 07/16/15          Office Visit            Cardiology Stress Test

- 08/10/15          IV Antibiotic          PICC Line placement

- 08/11/15          Surgery                Debridement of lower left molars

- 08/12/15          HBO                     Hyperbaric Oxygen, 20 sessions, ends 8/31 (85 total to date)

- 08/12/15          IV Antibiotic          Invanz self administered IV antibiotic, ends after 6 weeks (9/20)

- 08/27/15          Oncology              Begin Keytruda immunotherapy drug (cycle 1)

- 09/17/15          Oncology              Keytruda infusion (cycle 2)

- 10/08/15          Oncology              Keytruda infusion (cycle 3)

- 10/29/15          Oncology              Keytruda infusion (cycle 4)

- 11/19/15          Oncology              Keytruda infusion (cycle 5)

- 11/24/15          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 11/27/15          Oncology              Call from Dr. Kantor with CT Scan results; realization that Keytruda was't working; 2 tumors doubled and one new showed up

- 12/03/15          Oral Surgeon        Consultation for mandible reconstructiona and options (Dr. Campana, Porter Hospital System)

- 12/04/15          Oncology              Consultation with Sarah Canon Research Institute (SCRI) for participation in a Phase I clinical (Erbitux w/ HER3 inhibitor study drug)

- 12/07/15          Oncology              Consultation with University of Colorado for participation in Phase I clinical (chemo delivered through targeting agent)

- 12/14/15          Ultrasound            Echocardiogram of heart to ensure fitness for clinical trial

- 12/18/15          Oncology              Decision made and treatment started at SCRI; Erbitux infusion every week; HER3 drug every 3 weeks

- 12/24/15          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 2)

- 12/29/15          CT Scan               Fine cut CT scan of head/mandible in preparation for mandible/jaw surgery if necessary

- 12/31/15          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 3)

                                                     Clemson wins Orange Bowl; 14-0 and going to the National Championship game!

- 01/06/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 4); KTN3379 Trial Drug Cycle 2, ECG normal

- 01/11/16                                       Clemson loses to Alabama in the National Championship game, but as always makes us proud!

- 01/14/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 5)

- 01/21/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 6)

- 01/28/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 7); KTN3379 Trial Drug Cycle 3, ECG normal

- 02/04/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 8)

- 02/07/16                                       Broncos win Superbowl 50!!! (sorry Carolina fans; we like the Panthers too; just not as much as our Broncos!)

- 02/11/16          Oncology              Erbitux infusion (cycle 9)

- 02/16/16          CT Scan               Chest & Head/Neck

- 02/18/16          Oncology              Decision made to stop Erbitux/KTN3379 Trial; considering other options at this point,  ECG normal; cardiac blood test performed to try to identify what's causing shortness of breath-nothing found

- 02/23/16          Ultrasound            Echocardiogram performed to see what could be causing shortness of breath; nothin found; everything normal

- 02/29/16          CT Scan               Chest/Heart looking for blood clots; one found in left lung, most likely causing the shortness of breath and light-headedness

- 03/01/16                                       Start of treatment with Xarelto blood thinner to get rid of blood clot in lung

- 03/08/16          CT Scan               Head/Neck & Chest/Abdomen in preparation for new trial; new findings of nodule on the kidney, and fluid in the lungs

- 03/10/16          ER Visit                Xray of lungs and determination to do thoracentesis to remove fluid from the lungs; admitted to hospital; stopped Xarelto

- 03/11/16          Hosp Discharge   Thoracentesis procedure removed 2.1L fluid from left lung; also did biopsy of upper left lung tumor; went home after

- 03/12/16          ER Visit                Back to ER, another Xray, determination more fluid need to be removed; admitted back to hospital

- 03/13/16          Hosp Discharge   Another thoracentesis procedure to remove an additional 2.4L (total 4.5L!); released to go home again! Yeah!!!

- 03/14/16          Oncology             Start of new clinical trial using AstraZeneca's AZD9150 + MEDI4736 immunotherapy drug trial #NCT02499328; restarted Xarelto; 1st AZD9150 pre-dose

- 03/16/16          Oncology              AZD9150 2nd pre-dose

- 03/18/16          Oncology              AZD9150 3rd pre-dose

- 03/21/16          Oncology              MEDI4736 1st Dose and AZD9150 full dose

- 03/23/16          Outpatient             Thoracentesis #3; 1.8L removed; catheter placement scheduled for next day 3/24

- 03/24/16          Outpatient             Catheter placed in lung pleura to allow home draining

- 03/25/16                                        700ml additional fluid removed from lung; but after that nothing else has drained! Maybe the chemo is working?

- 03/28/16          Oncology               AZD9150 2nd Dose

- 04/04/16          Oncology               AZD9150 3rd Dose

- 04/08/16          ER Visit                 Breathing difficulties and uncontrollable pain in back and leg; admitted to P/SL

- 04/09/16          CT Scans              Multiple scans of lungs, lower abdomen, lumbar; more tumors found... now that sucks; pain brought under control

- 04/11/16          Hosp Discharge    Discharged from hospital

- 04/12/16          CT Scan               Head/Neck scan; was having difficulty swallowing; no signs of cancer

- 04/14/16          Oncology              Chemo started; conventional this time using Taxotere and Cisplatin

- 04/15/16          Radiation              Radiation treatment #1 of 5 for tumor on spinal column T9

- 04/17/16          ER Visit                 Difficulty swallowing/breathing; throat closed up; admitted to Lutheran Hospital in Wheat Ridge; PICC line placed; PEG tube placed

- 04/24/16          Hosp Discharge    Released from hospital; in-home daily antibiotics for 6 weeks

- 04/26/16          Radiation              Treatments #2 thru 6 for spinal column T9, ended 5/2

- 05/03/16          Radiation              Treatments #1 thru 6 for tumor on left hip; ended 05/10

- 05/11/16 Radiation Treatments #1 thru 8 for tumor on left shoulder socket; ended 05/20

- 05/12/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 2

- 06/02/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 3

- 06/23/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 4

- 07/15/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 5

- 08/05/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 6

- 08/26/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 7
- 09/16/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 8

- 10/07/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 9

- 11/02/16 PET Scan

- 11/04/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 10

- 12/30/16          Oncology              4th chemo series; using Cisplatin and Taxotere; cycle 11

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