Dillon Horner

First post: Sep 28, 2019 Latest post: Oct 29, 2019
Welcome to Dillon's CaringBridge site! We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Also, humorous stories and jokes are always a good thing to send along as laughter is a very good form of medicine.  We will try to get updates as soon and as often as we can so that everyone can remain up to speed on Dillon's progress.  

This is a tough journey to travel, however, he is a tough guy and knows that he is loved and supported by so many!!!  Below are the details of how Dillon became aware of his AML (M6) diagnosis and what lies ahead to catch those of you up who have just heard the news.  

From Dillon’s Facebook posts –

September 17, 2019 –

The last time I started a new job, I was in pain the entire day then called off the following to have an emergency root canal! Exciting right?

Well I took a new job this week. I went to the doctor after orientation to have something checked out. They drew some blood and said don't worry until the results came back.

I went to work today and met my new team. I was there about an hour and a half then I got a message. Dillon’s Story of how he went from his first day at the new job to now

The results came back and said to immediately head to the ER.

I've definitely outdone myself here...

The initial results came back that I have pancytopenia. My red, white, and platelet counts are critically low. Platelets help blood clot and should be at least 150. I came in at 5 and the transfusion only got me up to 10. The IV actually diluted my red and white count.

No results until Monday at the soonest. There are several doctors looking into my case. They'll likely transfer me to another hospital depending on the final diagnosis. They're strongly leaning towards PNH or Aplastic Anemia. I was told to plan on staying another week. Just not sure where I'll be...

It was a rough night and morning. Another platelet transfusion (sadly dropped from 15 to 8) and just had a CT. Contrast tastes gross. I've let everyone know they should have piña colada flavor.

Hoping for the results tomorrow and I'll know what the issue is along with a game plan. Thank you all for the support. It helps a lot - especially surprise tortilla blankets! I'm very thankful for the friendly staff here. They're been wonderful.

It's so funny getting older. I can't express how much I'd rather be working then go home and cuddle my dog. I miss him so much. A huge shout-out to my husband, Jarrod (https://www.facebook.com/jarrod.owens.37?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARDVMGtrjgdbGdBRbRicKrR09T6MTYPpE9f53n5FEAEdu4tYYfCB1Slt4bdtpt6LjIIiGN2wivE329Po&fref=mentions), for taking care of me especially during the emotional moments. And to Hunter (https://www.facebook.com/bluskado22?__tn__=%2CdK-R-R&eid=ARDGolTg1yGWFUN5bbTi6w_wzN62IuJAYVPjs0GXkttk1NiLEBsq0oJVJLPUUvoOf3W4y0iwyj9ds1sd&fref=mentions) for flying out to keep me company.

Finally transferred to UVA Medical Center.   Rerunning a lot of tests. Due for an EKG, central line, and another bone marrow biopsy. They said I should plan on being here at least a month. I'm trying to accept the change of schedule...

Diagnosis came back with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Starting chemo later….

Since that post….

Dillon was started on chemo late Friday night.  He is hanging in there and doing ok with the chemo.  He will have this chemo for a week then it will be a week of waiting to see if it had any effect with a bone marrow biopsy to confirm. 

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the treatment.  He needs lots of rest this week.  Doctor’s say that this week will be one of waiting and unknowns until they are able to see how his body takes the chemo and how well it knocks out the Leukemia. 

His mom and dad, Jill and Jack; brothers, Hayden and Hunter; Aunt Jill and Grandma Judy were all in town this weekend to let him know he is loved and supported.  Aunt Jill and Grandma Judy returned home today.  Hayden and Hunter will return home as well in the next day or so.  And, Jack and Jill aren’t going anywhere yet! And of course, Dillon is lucky enough to have Jarrod around full-time :)

He may be transferred to the ICU in the coming days which will allow him to rest, and possibly have visiting hours.  We will keep you posted. 

Please feel free to write a message here, and also provide humorous stories and jokes that he can read and/or we can read to him.  

We thank ALL OF YOU for your love and support.  We appreciate it and will continue to draw from it over these next days and weeks.