Diego Ruiz

First post: Aug 27, 2020 Latest post: Sep 6, 2020
Diego Ruiz has been part of the Scripps Ranch family for over 20 years, he shares ownership of Chile Peppers Mexican Eatery with his three brothers.  
On July 3rd, Diego Ruiz received  a traumatic brain injury while driving an electric scooter. The accident occurred on Timberlake Dr. at
about 8:15 PM.  He was rushed to the hospital and was placed in a medical induced coma for over two weeks.  On August  15, Diego woke up.  Due to his brain injury Diego is challenged with speech and has minimal movement on his right side.  We are hoping that with time he might regain some feeling; we are staying hopeful. 
Diego has become agitated  and at times has become violent. We are fortunate that Diego’s wife had been allowed to be part of his recovery; she has been staying with Diego which had calmed him down.  He is still confused but recognizes a few family members.  
Our ultimate goal is to bring Diego Home and continue his recovery surrounded by loved ones. 
 The family is working towards making Diego’s home safe.  The bathroom is being widened and safety handle bars are being installed.  
We hope that you find it in your hearts to become part of Diego’s recovery.  A Go fund me has been created by Diego’s brother, Ezequiel Ruiz.  We have raised over $25,000 and truly appreciate the community coming together during this difficult time.