Diane McShane

First post: Dec 17, 2021
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Hi friends,

Thank you so much to everyone visiting this site for your wonderful support. We will do our best to post updates here on Diane’s progress over time!

You are all amazing and your kindness and love could not be more appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

Some general background information for new visitors:
Diane has a cholangiocarcinoma, which just means a tumor in her liver. Because of her amazing weight loss since the pandemic, this is a cancer that can have a surgical cure! However, the location of the tumor is such that the surgeons cannot remove it yet, because Diane wouldn’t have enough remnant liver post surgery. To combat this, she is having a “Portal Vein Embolization” that blocks blood flow to the bad part of her liver and redirects it to the good part. Over the three months after this procedure, her good liver will grow enough that she can then have surgery to remove the tumor, likely in March.

Diane began chemotherapy treatment at the completed her first of 4 cycles of chemo this past month. More updates will be posted as they come!