Diana Hohn

First post: Sep 9, 2019 Latest post: Sep 18, 2019
In August of 2017, Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing months of chemotherapy, she was finally able to ring the bell after her last chemo treatment in January of 2018 to signify the end of her journey and walk out with high hopes and great news. What was to come would shatter the hearts of many. Diana began having headaches and vision problems that went on for many months. She decided to have this checked out and received the news on August 30, 2019 that the cancer had not only come back, but had spread to her brain. She began full brain radiation almost immediately on September 4. She is scheduled to receive this radiation daily for 10 treatments, followed by an MRI in 3 months.
Our intent with this page is to keep our family and friends up to date on Diana’s treatments and how she is doing. We are also hoping to help raise money to support Diana and her husband, Jim, in the medical expenses that will accumulate throughout her journey. This won’t be easy, but together in prayer we can do SO much. Diana is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has defeated so many more obstacles in her life that most of us couldn’t  even imagine. She is so resilient and strong. Let us do what we can to help and support someone who would do whatever she can for those she loves.