Devra and Bob Johnson

First post: Feb 19, 2022 Latest post: Feb 23, 2022
Family and friends,

Many of you know Bob and I have had our plates full lately.  

Recently, Bob was diagnosed with pneumonia and due to shortness/painful breathing was taken to the hospital where he was admitted last Friday.  While he was there, they ran a number of tests and narrowed it down to three possibilities: severe atypical pneumonia (aka they don’t know), valley fever, or tuberculosis.  In addition, they found a lesion on his lung of unknown origin.  As a result of the possible tuberculosis diagnosis, he had to be quarantined to prevent possible spreading to others.  Needless to say, this was torture for him having to stay in the hospital room for a week with answers coming slowly.  

During his stay, he also developed a blood clot in his lower left leg.  The tuberculosis test finally came back negative and he was released on Thursday.  He is still very weak and tired, but happy to be home.  They still don’t 100% know what is ailing him, so we assume more tests will be in the future.

And onto me…

As many of you know, I have a meningioma brain tumor which was discovered two years ago.  This tumor is benign and found in meninges, the lining that goes around the brain and spinal column.  This last CT scan showed some inflammation around the tumor. I have decided to have it removed.  The cranial surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday the 22nd, and no lingering side effects are to be expected.  Dustin, Kathryn, and kids are here helping us now.  Our Arizona friends and Bob’s sister live close by and have helped us immensely.  

We are grateful for our family and many wonderful friends both here in Arizona and in Bellingham.  We feel so very grateful and fortunate and give thanks everyday.  

We have decided the best way to keep you all informed is through the caring bridge platform.  We will continue to update as new developments occur.