Devon Garnett Devon Part 2

nner Circle band & Abebe Lewis Marketing and Branding Group are raising funds for our good friend Devon Garnett of Devonia Garnett music also known as “Part 2” in the entertainment industry. He is a producer, promoter, writer, and The founder of We are One Family Movement project, to name a few.
The projects that I am intricately involved in, aside from producing, promoting, writing, are geared toward raising the social conscience and enhancing the civic duty of local, national and international communities. His major focus is not solely about business aspects and prospects; it is also about improving police-community relations, fostering peace and unity among the global citizenry, and becoming another (universal) voice for the least defended and most vulnerable in today’s society. Hence, We are One Family Movement!
The We are one family movement project he was working on, is a song title "We are one family to the world" the song is gear to help bring together the people of the community, police, politician and athletes, but due to his illness it has come to a stop.
Serious sickness 
He suffered from a Subarachnoid hemorrhage which is bleeding in the area between the brain and the membrane that covers the brain. The bleeding put pressure on his brain and stopped blood from reaching some areas of his brain. It was very serious. It could have caused brain damage, stroke, or could have caused his death if not treated. He was in the Hospital for a few weeks included ICU.
He is now trying to recover, his recovery time may take 6 to 12 months. He now needs help with his medication and home care due to the fact he is not fully functional and operational, in which he needs a 24 hour caregiver. He has 4 children included two small kids, that he needs help providing for. Recovery comes with a lot of back and forth to doctor appointments. He is in a great deal of pain most of the time, and his mobility is limited which is why he needs round the clock care by his side. Since we started putting this together he went back in to the hospital at lease 3 times, the latest was on October 3, he was having heart problems and headache. They admit him because of his latest history. Devon “Part 2” is fighting and remains fiercely positive. Those that know him, know that he has helped many people through the course of his life. Now he needs our help. Any donations will be appreciated as he receives treatment to recovery. 
Thank you!