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First post: Jun 26, 2019 Latest post: Jul 17, 2019
    We know everyone is worried about Deven, and are continuing to pray for him. We can't begin to tell you how much this means to all of us! This post will be a caring bridge of what we know is going on right now. We will update this caring bridge every time we get any new information. They told us to be prepared for A LOT of ups and downs in the time to come. This update is a lot and going to be hard to hear, we want you to be prepared for that. Tuesday, June 25th, at about 8 pm Deven was riding his motorcycle on Boxelder road by Pepsi. He was speeding, when a car turned in front of him. He hit the back end of the car and was thrown, he was wearing his helmet! He received major injuries at the scene. His lower left leg was amputated below the knee, both arms were broken, his right leg was severely damaged and broken in multiple places, it was touch and go at the time. They took him to the Campbell County hospital and started evaluating him more thoroughly. They found, between Campbell County Health and the University of Colorado tests and imaging, he had a broken sternum, multiple broken ribs on both sides with a pneumothorax (air in his chest cavity) which required a chest tube to be put in, broken pelvis, and possible broken neck. They put in an IO, and multiple IVs, including one in his femoral vein, and a chest tube before they sent him to Denver. He received many blood transfusions and made it to Denver for emergency surgery. 

At UC Health, they found an unstable fracture of his 12th Thoracic vertebrae, it is still unknown if he could be paralyzed from there down, which is about from the belly button down. His first surgery lasted about five hours, they referred to this surgery as “damage control”. This means they addressed all the bleeding and major issues/life-threatening injuries they could without causing him too much harm.  In that surgery, they removed his spleen because it was ruptured, they were unable to save his left leg and it had to be amputated above the knee, his right leg is critical as well, right now they have one good vessel still feeding his foot that does have a pulse, which is GOOD! Both arm fractures were also addressed. The right arm was an open fracture and they cleaned it out and splinted it, the left arm was a closed fracture and developed compartment syndrome they caught it in time and were able to do a fasciotomy (open the compartment to relieve pressure) and it restored pulses and blood flow to his hand and fingers. He was still in very critical condition, however, they had a much better idea of what was to come. They then determined that his lungs are very badly bruised and his intestines and stomach are in rough shape. 

Later in the afternoon on Wednesday, they were able to stabilize him enough to perform a CT scan. The scan showed a broken vertebra in his back that is unstable and possibly one in his neck, and a significant amount of air in the vasculature of his liver, this they think has come from the time his stomach did not have proper blood flow. Around 1 pm he started to decline, they believed he had a tear internally that was causing a lot of bleeding, they then rushed him into his second surgery. After about 2 hours, the doctor reported that they found the tear and were able to repair it. They separated his colon and removed about half of his colon due to irreversible damage. Right now they did repair part of it, but it will be a long time before they can even attempt to reattach it. After this they also checked out his stomach and intestine and determined they were okay for now but would be closely monitored. His stomach is not looking good and the doctors said: "it looks like it may have a chance right now so we are going to leave it in there". His kidneys are also in bad shape, his kidneys are failing so they put in a port to do dialysis and will start that tonight. 

Today they found a subdural hemorrhage (a bleed in his brain). He is at the CT scan now doing a repeat for the brain bleed if we get those results tonight we will do another update. They said he needs to have surgery on his legs and other bone injuries by Friday. The teams that will be doing surgery are going to coordinate as many surgeries as they possibly can so they can work well together. The surgeries are very hard on him so he needs to rest between them as well. He has a long long road ahead with countless surgeries, there are still no definitive answers to the extent or even amount of his injuries yet. They are doing more imaging tests tonight and we will know more then and give all the updates we can. He needs all the prayers he can get at this time.  

We have a go fund me page set up and an account to donate at Campco. I know there are many questions still, we have a lot as well. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. If you want clear, true and accurate updates please follow Devens CaringBridge page!