Denny Larsen

First post: Jan 28, 2021 Latest post: Jun 23, 2021
Hello to everyone, Thank you for coming to this page and supporting, praying and caring about  Denny!  His journey has been happening for quite some time.   2014 he had two major strokes.  As time has moved forward other things began to happen.  Some we aware of others we where not!  As most know he is pretty stubborn.  :)   2020 we began to notice memory issues, not feeling well.   October many things began to appear.  Signs of Dementia, Stomach issues.    November came and all was revealed to our family.  Denny was in Kidney Failure stage 5, Liver Cirrhosis of the liver,  Anyurizum 3.2 in his stomach aortic, Pylori Ulcers in stomach, Cognitive decline.  With all these things happening we began the weekly Doctor appointments trying to find out way to help him.   Many ER visits also.  MRI's, EKG's, Bloodwork and way more.