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First post: May 8, 2021 Latest post: May 8, 2022
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Denise would like to thank all her friends and loved ones for their support and caring through this difficult time in her life. Denise has been battling Progressive MS since 2013. She has been very courageous in her fight against this disease. Starting on April 25 her ability to regulate her body temperature started to not work as needed. This led to some concerning symptoms like hallucinations, falling asleep all the time, and a general slow down in her abilities. This finally culminated On May 1 when we decided to pack her up and take her to the UCSF Emergency Room. When we arrived there her core body temperature was 89 degrees but she was not cold or shivering. They spent most of the night warming her body and running test to find out the cause. She was admitted to the UCSF Hospital on Sunday May 2 and they have been giving her about as many tests as they can think of and all have come back negative. They still don't know what the exact cause is today on May 8 but are working on a possible rare condition where her MS lesions may be affecting her Hypothalamus or the communication of the information from the Hypothalamus to regulate her body temperature.
Thank you for joining us on our journey through this challenging time in our lives. We will try to keep you updated with any new information regarding her condition or treatment. Please continue to pray for her strength to get through this as well as wisdom for the Doctors who are treating her. We love all of you and enjoy all your wonderful comments.
David and Denise