Denise Mason Breast Cancer Journey

First post: Mar 7, 2018 Latest post: Aug 29, 2018
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My story starts in mid December...let's say the 15th.. Ish. But I was in the middle of Christmas,  work was busy and I had my go home vacation coming up. Really hoping it wasn't anything but knew it was definitely there and had to be checked. I told Amanda she said try not to think about it but go in as soon as you get back off vacation. I did and this starts the timeline, I will save you from hearing all the ups and down stories that go with it. Although some of you know.  

01/17/18 - diagnostic mammogram / sonogram
01/31/18 - breast biopsy
02/01/18 - diagnosis - Invasive ductal carcinoma...blah blah
02/05/18 - follow up mammogram
02/08/18 - Breast Surgeon Appt. (Mary Brian / Awsome surgeon, highly recommended!!!) 
02/15/18 - Breast MRI / Harris Methodist Bedford
02/21/18 - Plastic surgeon appt. (Jonathan Heistein / Awesome surgeon and I have more surgery to come. I really like him and ALL the office staff. I have heard all good things. I am so confident in this team. 😊
Throwing my other health thing going on as well..
02/26/18 - found cracked tooth, 3 bad ones. Recommended removing 7 teeth and putting in an implant. But ended up 7 extractions and 3 implants... this was probably more painful than the hospital stay. But maybe cause morphine? Lol
02/28/18 - PreOp test at Harris Methodist Southlake.
03/07/18 - Surgery - double mastectomy/ reconstructive surgery inserting tissue spacers.
03/08/18 - released from hospital. They were awesome before surgery, some of the very best. Then was the night nurse that changed everything into bad.  I was treated horrible and asked to go home. They seemed to be pushing me out the door anyway and were very condescending and uncaring. Never ever had been treated that way.
03/15/18 - post OP appt. / 1st appt with oncologist Lea Krekow, who is also just awesome. Love her, she took as much time as we had questions. Very good bedside manner. 
03/19/18 - post OP appt. / Dr. Heistein in FW office
03/20/18 - finished dental cleaning
02/21/18 - dental surgery - 7 extractions / 3 implants. Pain 
03/28/18 - echo and chemo learn
03/28/18 - Dr Heistein - injection
04/02/18 - 1st Chemo - 9 am till 3 pm. 
04/04/18 - Dr Heistien - injection
04/09/18 - Lab / Dr K / IV fluids / steriods/ nausea
04/11/18 - Dr. Heistein - injection
04/08/18 - Dr. Heistein I injection
04/20/18 - Dentist to remove stitches
04/23/18 - 2nd Chemo, also lab and Doctor
04/25/18 - Dr Heistein last injection. Next step 4 weeks from my last chemo session of the 1st 6 I will have my second surgery. 
04/30/18 - labs
05/07/18 - labs
05/14/18 - labs, Dr. K, chemo treatment #3.
Next chemo scheduled date is June 4th.... this was the timeline of this journey. I have others, as all of us do. I would love support during this time. In prayer from all. Others that can help in other ways.  Even just a kind word text to uplift during the next couple of weeks. If I dont answer it is cause I am unable but I will let each know when I do. I love you all, your my support and prayer warriors.  I know in my heart it's not a choice it is God's will and that is all I want from this testimony he is creating for me. His will for all... He will get the Glory.  My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... 😊