Denise Jones

First post: Apr 20, 2021 Latest post: Aug 9, 2022
Hello family! A standing rule in the Jones household is that when a guest arrives, they are only a guest for 5 minutes and then they become family. We want that to be true of this corner of the internet too. Whether you're blood family, old friends or someone we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, you are now family. So, we welcome you into this journey with us and are beyond grateful that you're here. This journey is one we wished we'd never have to take, but here we are so we have every intention of making the most of it! 
At a high-level here is Denise's story so far: 
On March 17th, Denise went in for a yearly routine mammogram, and two spots were identified. A biopsy followed of the two spots and her lymph-nodes. It was confirmed that it was indeed breast cancer. With more information coming in daily following the initial diagnosis, we learned that the cancer was more aggressive than what was originally told. It was in actuality one spot that had grown into two. More tests revealed that Denise is "triple negative" meaning that they don't know what is "fueling" the cancer. So, the impact of treatment can be a little trickier to predict. However, we have great confidence in her many doctors and have an action plan in place. On Wednesday, April 21st, Denise will start 16 weeks of chemo (every two weeks). The current plan is to then have a double mastectomy. Any treatment after that is still to be determined. 
 We want this space to be a place to share the journey of Denise's fight. She is a beautiful, brave, strong, faithful woman and has already charted this unknown territory with such grace, faith and joy. We want to share those highlights with you and the information we learn along the way. It may not always be pretty, but may it always glorify God. We believe in a God that is bigger than all of this and a God who is Healer, so what more could we ask for??
So, again, welcome on this journey with us. Todd (husband) and Maddie (daughter) will keep this page up to date to the best of our abilities. On behalf of mom and the whole family, we are so grateful for your love and support. This is the gift of community and we are grateful beyond belief for each of you!

Much love! 

Written: April 16th, 2021