Denise Flett

Please see GO FUND me page attached...

Please help save Denise!!!!!!!!  Our sweet Denise is up for the fight of her life.. again.

As most of you know she had Breast Cancer in 2004 and 2008.  She has been in remission for a very long time and unfortunately in January she found out the cancer is back.  She hadn't been feeling well and having really bad headaches so went for an MRI and they found a large tumor in her skull.  After a complete petscan they found cancer in her bones and a couple spots on her lungs.  It is Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. 

Those of you who know Denise, know she is the most loving caring sweetest person you could ever meet. She has been a nurse for ever and spent her whole life taking care of others.  So now she needs us to help take care of her.

Because of her health she can no longer work so as you can imagine being single she is struggling to make ends meet.  

She has found a doctor that feels strongly she can help her.  I took her yesterday to meet with her and she came up with a plan.  It is considered alternative treatment so insurance will not cover it.  The visit yesterday alone was over $3,000.  $700 for the office visit and $2500 for extensive lab work.  This is a treatment from Germany and Dr "V" has cured many stage 4 patients like Denise.

She does not have the financial means to do this so we have set up a go fund me to help pay for her living and medical expenses. 

We all know Denise would be there for us and would do anything to help her friends in their time of need so I hope we can all help her.

Please feel free to reach out to me or share this with anyone else you feel would like to keep up with Denise's Journey.

Thank you,
Eileen Johnson