Dena Papin

First post: Nov 4, 2019 Latest post: Nov 8, 2019
Many of you know that mom has been experiencing some frightening episodes of respiratory distress over the last week. Last night (11/3), she experienced an extreme episode that lasted many hours even with multiple doses of Ativan and Morphine (if you know her, you know it is a big deal that she allowed us to medicate her through it). One of the many reasons ALS is so challenging to manage is because the symptoms and progression are unpredictable. It is impossible to say whether we have begun a quick decent to the end of her journey on earth or a long one, but we do feel that this is the beginning of her end of life journey.

We will be using this website to post updates on her journey. We suggest that you sign up to receive an email notification when we post an update. We are grateful for your prayers thoughts and words of encouragement. Mom is surrounded by her loved ones and care team and I am happy to say is sleeping peacefully next to me as I type this. She is a very loved woman and we hope that love and her faith can carry her through this.