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We would like to take the time to thank each and everyone of you that have been a part of our Mothers special life! I know she deeply loves and enjoys everyone of you, for this we're forever grateful. I'm creating this site with a slightly different perspective, my goal is for this to be an open forum of sorts to not only celebrate Deb (The most beautiful and loving mother in existence....okay I may be a tad biased) but to give a chance to each and every person that has had their life touched in any capacity by Debbie, to reach out and have a universal outlet and leave a note, of inspiring words, wonderful memories and any and every story imaginable that we can share with her to brighten her day. If we can do our best to keep her in good spirits, to let her know how loving, caring, appreciated,and proud she makes us all. And reassure her how cared about and thankful we all are for having her in our lives! These our the things we want to share with her, let her know just how special she is. I encourage all of you to share, comment and help us brighten her days throughout the rest of her journey .
Now, to touch on the difficult part... As I sit here fighting tears trying to comprehend what I'm about to put on paper it just doesn't seem possible, real or fair in the slightest. Deb has been not feeling well since October. She thought she maybe had covid-19, got tested numerous times all negative! It was thought to be a virus and would need to "run its course". This then changed to different symptoms and was told a number of different things this may possibly be. Christmas came and went, she decided we wouldn't get together she didn't want to get us all sick. We spoke and she let me know they were possible looking into Parkinsons as her symptoms had been shifted. Shortly after, focus was shifted to doing physical therapy. Her sister Judy helped her with this and had stepped in to try and get answers she desperately needed. By January 22 she was what she described as tumbling (dizziness) and needed to use a walker. On the 24th we had to take her to Mercy, she was very sick and thought she may have had a touch of the seasonal flu. While at Mercy, we pushed to find her some answers, to get as many minds and eyes as possible on her. Things just didn't add up. We reached out to numerous doctors, family friends and contacts to get a plan of attack to get her answers!! Figured out what test needed to be ran and got the ball rolling. The last 2 weeks waiting for Debbie's results have been a whirlwind or emotions, hopefulness, faith, fear, anger and confusion just to name a few. On Monday, February 8th we received a diagnosis that has left us all completely heartbroken. That diagnosis is Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This is a degenerative brain disorder that cannot be cured or reversed. Our focus now is to keep her in good spirits. Reassure her that she is loved unconditionally, let her know how she has helped so many of her friends and family throughout her journey in life. We are utilizing every outlet we have in the medical aspect on this. We have numerous eyes on this and trust me when I say this is the most DEVASTATING news we have had to endure. Although there isn't a tremendous amount of information about Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, I encourage all of you to search it. We will do our best to answer any questions and concerns but I would love the most to be able to share each and every one of your memories and positive thoughts with my mother while We still have her! We love her more than words can express. We want to fill her with happiness and wash her worries away. Matthew 6:34 "therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will will worry about itself " Dont worry about the things that haven't happened,Live in the moment and leave your worries for tomorrow!