Deborah Preissner

First post: Aug 26, 2019
After many years of going to various Doctors and specialists for my health; I finally found a clinic in Kansas that I believe in, and who have successfully treated people with Lyme disease and brought them to full recovery! I started with them last year, and my insurance covered the bulk of the expense until now. Due to the uniqueness of their treatment and tests, many of the bills fall under the “therapy” category. I have reached the “max” amount of therapies my insurance will cover. It costs $10,000 for two weeks of intensive treatment and care at Biologix Center for Optimum health in Wichita; plus the cost of getting there and the follow up treatment once I am home. I am humbly asking you to prayerfully consider helping me raise the money for these expenses. After years of being so sick and ending up with a virus in my heart this past December; I have not been able to work a lot and have had to use all of my savings for medical bills. I know we all have expenses, so if you cannot help me financially I would greatly appreciate your prayers! Thank you so much for your consideration in supporting me in this way! May God bless you!



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