Deb Hansen

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Well I thought this would be the best way to keep everyone updated. 

The morning of  February 21, 2019 would be like no other morning we have experienced. 

Mom had been having back pain on and off for around a month. She didn't think much of it and tried to remedy her pain with the normal methods. Went to the chiropractor several times with no relief. Chiropractor finally suggested mom go to her normal doctor. If you know my mom it takes an act of congress to get her to go in. So, she went in and explained to the doctor what was going on. He thought maybe it was a muscular issue gave her a shot of cortisone and a prescriptions for some muscle relaxers.  Those seemed to help for a few days and then the morning of the 21st came. 

I was getting ready to take Makenna to school and mom calls me sobbing. She is explaining that she is in so much pain and doesn't know what to do. This particular day happened to be a Thursday and our normal doctors day off. I suggested if you are in this much pain go to the ER, I offered to go up with her and of course mom being mom said no go to work you will just be bored waiting with me. I go to work and get busy, I kind of forgot about mom in the ER until Carl messaged me "Any work on your mom?" Thought to myself maybe she got some meds and went home to rest. So I message her "How are you?" to which my loving mother I would like to strangle sometimes responds "Still here. Tumor in my lung spreading into my ribs" "Lung cancer" At this point I promptly call her and scold her for sending that kind of information in a text message, and say I will be on my way immediately. 

From this day I am going to fast forward a bit, she has had a lung capacity test (which was good considering all her years of smoking), lung biopsy, a pet scan, MRI of her brain, EBUS test, and has had a power port placed for chemo.  All of these tests turned out good considering the big scary "C" word. We have learned from the biopsy that her tumor is squamous cell and that the type of tumor is called pancoast tumor.

 Technically her tumor is called pancoast but mom calls him Bob. So now we need to determine the best course of action for giving Bob his eviction notice out of mom's chest. We have talked to with several doctors, nurses, and really nice people through the weeks time period, all of whom  keep stating that surgery is most likely not an option because  the tumor has spread to her rib cage and that is where mom's pain stems from. 

Well, long story shortish, the good doctors of Sioux Falls have stated that they can not operate on Bob but if we want to go to Mayo they can. Mom had her first appointment at the Mayo clinic yesterday where we met in the morning with the surgeons PA and then in the afternoon with the surgeon who had a great attitude about giving Bob his walking papers.

So after talking with the surgeon he has recommended chemo and radiation to shrink mom's tumor before removal. We head back up to Mayo next week Thursday (03-28-19) for an appointment with oncology/radiology.  We are hoping after this appointment some sort of plan for treatment will start. It has been a very short month with all of the appointments and procedures, but yet a very long month with no treatment started yet. 

I will update the site after appointments and when new information comes available. Mom has got a great attitude about evicting Bob and getting on with her life!!!!