Deb Greene Deb &Ben Greene's Journey

First post: Oct 16, 2020 Latest post: Mar 7, 2023
To so many PHENOMENAL friends, family & the most brilliantly colorful assortment of creative, caring & kind loved ones --

Wow! Are we one AMAZING TEAM, or what?

HUGE THANK YOUs to everybody who's chimed in with many encouraging words and positive energy!

This should be a good way to collectively update everyone on happenings, status & plans of Deb's and my rather dire medical situation.

As many of you know... The biopsies are in, the tests are wrapping up, & the news is not encouraging. Because the cancer metastasized from the pancreas into the liver + spleen, our options are limited--but our determination is steadfast: We can still beat the odds, and our adventuring spirits aren't ready to give up. From here the trail gets gnarly: it'll be a bi-weekly regime of FOLFURINOX chemotherapy to try & tamp down the malignancies. Our greatest challenge will be whether Debs' body can tolerate toxins and allow her & I to realize a quality of life that's acceptable moving forward.

We'll be at our home in Anchorage following the biweekly chemo schedule as we snuggle up by the woodstove and take opportunistic forays on the ski trails on those days that Deb's feeling chipper. So don't be surprised to hear from us as we search for friends willing to help bouy our spirits when the going gets tough, or maybe just needing folks to connect with over the phone as we sip respective cups of tea separated by many miles of physical distance, but joined in our hearts.

We hope that with this page, you'll share the stories of Deb that she may or may not want us all to hear and share photos of the adventures you've had! 

With immense love, 

-B & D