Debbie Wyne

First post: Apr 4, 2022 Latest post: Apr 11, 2024
After having random, but increasing, abdominal pain and feelings of gassiness and bloating for several weeks, I went to the doctor on Jan 10, 2022.  I was immediately sent to the ER for further testing, and subsequently diagnosed with Peritonitis--which is an infection/inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity.  They feared sepsis could set in, so I was promptly admitted to the hospital and received IV antibiotics for the next four days. 

The symptoms never fully went away, nor did we find an explanation for what was causing my abdominal pain. For the next two months I continued to have tests and procedures done, all with "normal" and "unremarkable" results.  After repeating a second CT scan on 3/16/22, a panel of doctors determined it was time to more aggressively search for answers, so I underwent diagnostic laparoscopic surgery on 3/23/22 to collect peritoneal fluid and tissue biopsies.

Post surgery, we were encouraged by the surgeon's report that there were no gross abnormalities, lesions, or masses observed. However, on Thursday, March 31, 2022, I got the news no one ever wants to hear: I have cancer. The results of my abdominal biopsies show malignancies, so I was sent in for a PET scan the next day.  

Preliminary results seem to indicate that I have Ovarian cancer that has already metastasized into the abdominal cavity, OR primary Peritoneal cancer that has spread to my reproductive system. More testing, procedures, or surgery are necessary to finalize a diagnosis.

Needless to say, we are reeling from this news and have many things to figure out and schedule.  Based upon preliminary conversations with an Oncologist, I anticipate that I will fairly quickly undergo chemotherapy and surgery. 

Prayers are very much appreciated. None of this is a secret, so feel free to share as you feel led—especially in your prayer circles! We believe in the power of prayer, and can use all that are offered on my behalf! We have already seen some "God-winks" along the way, and as a friend said, we are in a prime position to see God at work through all of this.

We appreciate your prayers, support, and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting this Caring Bridge site and I look forward to using it to keep you updated on my journey.