Debbie Stern

I had a very freaky accident this week. Here are the gory details;

We were visiting Jerry's family in Ft Lauderdale and we were taking Jerry down a long flight of stairs and one of the people helping carry the wheelchair lost his balance and fell. I was flipped over the staircase outer wall which is about 7 feet down. I landed on my right shoulder and was taken to the ER. I ended up having a broken upper arm near the shoulder joint, 6 broken ribs, multiple fractures in my sternum and scapula and 3 broken lumbar  vertebrae.  

They operated on my lumbar vertebrae and did a fusion with pins and rods. Other injuries are expected to heal over time. Lots and lots of pain that is slightly moderated with narcotics. I am supposed to go to a rehab hospital tomorrow for 2-4 weeks here in Florida.  We hired a caregiver for Jerry. No one is exactly sure how long this will take before I can fly home.  Please don't call me because it is still hard to talk due to rib fractures.  I can communicate through this site .