Debbie Kempken

First post: May 9, 2020 Latest post: May 16, 2020
Saturday night April 18th I woke up with extreme pelvic pain.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday April 21st and was treated for a urinary tract infection.  I went to the emergency room on April 23rd and was admitted to Burlington Memorial hospital and had a battery of tests completed.  During a CT scan the doctors found a mass in my pelvic region and had elevated markers related to woman's cancer.  I had to hear all of this news with no support people due to the strict guidelines in place due to the current Covid pandemic.  I was able to come home on Friday April 24th.  On Monday April 27th I was recommended to West Allis women's Pavilion to see Doctor Scott Kammelle.   After seeing him he admitted me to St. Luke's Hospital on the 27, what a way to celebrate Mike and My 35th wedding anniversary.  Mike had to drop me off at the door since no visitors are allowed in the hospital.  At that point they knew I had some type of gynecological cancer but where unsure of which stage it was.  On the 28th they ran a  Chest CT scan and an echo-cardiogram.  The Chest CT scan showed some spots in my lungs and the Echo-Cardiogram came back very good.  On the 29th they did biopsy's of the mass found in the CT scans.  On the 30th they completed a colonoscopy which game out totally clean.  I found on Friday May 1st that I have cancer cells in the fat layers of my gynecological organs.  They released me on the 30th with Vicodin for the pain.  I will be starting Chemo Therapy on May 11th, happy birthday Mike.  Chemo like the hospitals will only allow in the patients.  The plan is to complete 3 rounds of Chemo treatments, complete scans and then complete surgery at St. Luke's, then three more rounds of Chemo.