Dawn Macfarlane

First post: Mar 26, 2022 Latest post: May 2, 2023
In January 2022 I had an MRI to explore why I had been having tingling in my arms and chest for over a year.  The MRI showed a lesion on my brain which they so far think is a meningioma.  It was pea sized at first scan and not found on a scan 3 years prior.   I went to see a neurologists PA who said we needed to do a lot of things but she never followed thru and I never heard from her again.  Our family was moving to Utah in a few weeks so I decided to just wait amd see a new neurologist once I get to Utah.  In the meantime I suffer from vertigo, blurry vision, balance issues and fatigue.   I also occasionally have bouts of aphasia where I struggle to find words and sound drunk when speaking.  Some days I feel as if I'm drunk.  I'm here using this space to vent, share and explore my feelings as I walk this path.   With 9 grown children and 16 grandchildren I have a lot of people to keep in the loop.  WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY!  IM BLESSED TO HAVE YOU ALONG FOR THE RIDE!