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 I am writing this story to let you know of a big life change and journey I am about to embark on. As of this week I am on Medical leave from the job I love at The Evergreen State College. Late July I saw something on my upper right thigh and had an MRI. After many tests, and appointments, I have been diagnosed with Myxoid Soft tissue Sarcoma. It is pretty rare (aren't I special!) and I have been referred to specialists at the Sarcoma clinic at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. The good news is the survival rate is very good after treatment(around 78%). The bad news is the treatment! Next Tuesday, September 25th I will check into UW hospital for 5 days of chemo and then 2 weeks off and back again for 5 days for 3 cycles and then a scan. If it is working and my very large tumor is shrinking, I do the 3 cycles again for a total of 18 weeks. Then 5 weeks of 5 days a week radiation and then surgery and recovery. Since last spring our family has only had one car, making all of these trips to Seattle more difficult. I am blessed to have many friends who have been helping with all of the driving. 💗 I will be on leave for 6 to 7 months depending on my recovery etc... And now for the part you won't believe... Just as I was radically accepting the reality of cancer in my life, a pipe broke in the beautiful home we rent in West Olympia by the college and the house was flooded and the entire kitchen has been gutted and all the floors have to be torn up and we have to move out while the house is being fixed! Since the house will be "unlivable" our renters insurance kicked in thankfully and loving family and friends have helped us find a rental home nearby for Ken to get to work and Sarah to school while I am in and out of the hospital and recovering. We will be moving out tomorrow to the rental house and our things into a pod on Sunday.  Just wait, there's more. The adjuster took so long to ok the house rental-it had already been rented for the weekend of October 5th, so we get to move out and into a hotel and then back again to our rental home until November 21st. Nothing like 4 moves with dealing with cancer! We are hoping to be back in our house with a new kitchen and floors sometime in late November! Maybe in time for Thanksgiving! Needless to say this has been very stressful. I ended up getting bronchitis and had to postpone the start of my chemo until I was better! ( I told you that you wouldn't believe it!) You know your life is sucking when you're waiting to get off antibiotics so you can go to the hospital and start chemo! I ask for your love and good thoughts and prayers for me on Tuesday as I start this battle and also for Ken and especially for Sarah Lily. It is hard enough to be in 8th grade, let alone when your Mama is sick and away from you at the hospital in Seattle. I believe that with love, faith, humor, and courage, I will beat this. I look forward to the spring when I can return to the job I love in time to see some of my students graduate and will be living in a house with a brand new kitchen and floor! I am channeling Wonder Woman  to  help with the courage part!
Many of those close have asked how they can help and we have set up a pay pal account to help with the additional expenses this adventure is coming with. I am very lucky to have such loving friends and family who have helped us in many ways already.💗 I will put the  link on the  ways to help link  as well.
link is: www.paypal.me/kenanddawn 
You can private message me with questions.
The greatest gift is your love and support and know that as you are sending me light, I am sending it back to you and wishing you a beautiful fall!

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