David Colbert David’s Cancer Journey

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Our journey with cancer started in January of 2016. It was just a typical day like any other, except my husband Dave hadn’t been feeling well and we thought he had the flu. I made sure he was ok before I left for work. Sometime that afternoon he called me at work, he had taken a hot shower and started coughing up blood. And he was feeling worse, having difficulty breathing. I leave work to rush home & get him to the hospital. They do blood work & chest X-rays. When two doctors come into the room to tell you what they had found, you know it’s not good. My husband had pneumonia and they found a mass in his right lung. Fast forward a few days to getting results from the biopsy. My husband was diagnosed with stage two non small cell lung cancer. The doctors came up with a treatment plan and are positive that they can get the cancer under control. My husband goes through an intense chemo therapy and radiation treatment 
Unfortunately the treatment didn’t work, by August the cancer had spread to the brain and the bones in the right shoulder. They were able to eradicate the cancer in the brain, but once cancer is in the bones, there’s no killing it. 
New type of chemo that is supposed to boost the immune system to fight the cancer and prevent it from spreading further. 
We found out in February of this year that the cancer in the shoulder has grown, another round of radiation. Then in June we get more bad news. The cancer in the lung has become active, it has grown and now has spread to the lymph nodes. 
We are now told that my husband is at stage four of metastatic lung cancer. We agreed to try yet another type of chemotherapy, and will have a new CT scan after three months of treatment. If the cancer is not responding to the new chemo, then we are faced with the decision of trying another round, which is three months of treatment, or going into hospice care. 
The time we have left has become short, much shorter than we had thought. I am doing my best to make the most out of what little time I have left with my husband.  He wants to go on a cruise before the cancer takes him away from me. I have set up a GoFundMe page as well as a fundraiser on Facebook. 
If every person that reads our story donates just one dollar, I would be able to make his final wish come true. I have looked into the various foundations that make final wishes for those at the end of their life, some of them do not do cruises and the ones I found that will, only do it for the state they are based out of. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love my husband and would do whatever is in my capabilities to make the rest of his life as happy and memorable as possible.