David Saunders

First post: Nov 21, 2018 Latest post: Nov 26, 2020
Welcome to the CaringBridge website for my journey to my next life. On August 30, 2018 I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. In the time since my diagnosis, I have learned much about the disease, and I expect to learn much more.

With a terminal illness, some might expect me to curl up into a ball -- NOT THIS OLD MAN! This beast always wins the physical battle, but will NEVER win the battle for my soul. God's path for me is set, and it is irreversible; I am at peace. I see a pastor on a regular basis to help me prepare spiritually for my next life. I volunteer where I can, and try to pay it forward. My outlook on life and perspective on the annoyances and grievances that inevitably crop up every day has changed dramatically. Old grudges, words spoken in anger, simply don't matter as I prepare to meet our Creator.

Thank you for joining my site! I hope to share some first-hand information on this disease, as well as sharing perspective on my journey into the next life. Enlightenment will come with learnings, laughter, and some tears. But, I hope we all end up a little better when it's all said and done. Stay tuned!