David Sahnow

First post: Aug 29, 2018 Latest post: Aug 25, 2020
At the tail end of our annual trip to a family camp near Charlottesville VA David became sick. On the way home we decided to stop at an urgent care center in Charlottesville because he had a distinct tremor in his hands. The urgent care center recommended David go to an emergency room. The emergency room evaluated him and admitted him. He got excellent care at Martha Jefferson hospital.

They believe that he has menegitis and/or encephalitis  (infection of different areas of the brain). The tremor is a rare side effect of the infection's activation of the immune system. It is not know what the infection is. It probably is viral, but until a test has confirmed that it is viral, he must get a set of 4 antibiotics by IV. He is also getting an antiviral, but that will not cover many viruses including the likely culprit: West Nile. We had been at camp long enough and the CDC reports a cluster of cases in VA.

David is in the middle of the 3-5 day window for the worst swelling and symptoms of the swelling. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day we will see some improvement. Although his tremors are rare there are treatments, and the doctors have chosen three to do.

This evening he was transferred to UVA's teaching hospital to weather the worst of the infection.

We have been blessed by the help of many people already. Here in Charlottesville friends drove the kids up to DC to catch the MARC train. Another friend did some shopping for me. Two families are washing a week's worth of dirty camp clothing and bedding. Best of all a couple came and helped me with the hospital transition and invited me to stay at their house for the evening.

The kids are with school friend's families and well cared for.

I hope this site makes it possible to keep so many wonderful people informed.