David Ott

First post: May 28, 2020 Latest post: Jun 1, 2020
David Neil Ott On May 18th David Ott was diagnosed with Metastatic Cancer. The news has been a devastating shock to the family. Although a definitive diagnosis has not yet been confirmed by biopsy, it is believed to be Stage IV Lung Cancer. David was experiencing back pain for weeks, which is not unusual, but no one suspected this diagnosis. Eileen, as always, is right by his side, as well as his daughter, Whitney and his son, David.  David was able to speak a few sentences to his doctor and was very clear that his main goal is to fight for as much quality time with Eileen as possible. Eileen is David’s driving force. The family understands the goal is to have as much time as possible time with David as no treatment options have been discussed right now. David’s ENTIRE medical team has been amazing, even making house calls and arranging ambulance transport upon request.   The family would like to share updates of David’s progress via this site, so please pass the word to all family and friends to go to caringbridge.org (http://caringbridge.org) and search “David Ott” to get the latest updates.  The family would love to reach out and speak with all of you, but the priority is spending every minute with David and each other. Return calls are taking longer than usual.  The family would like to thank each and everyone of you for all the love and support everyone has shown during this difficult time.  The family would love to read messages that could also be sent through this site. REQUESTS FOR HELP: FOOD: Food would be appreciated, especially meals. In an effort to organize meals (avoiding too much on one day vs. nothing on another)  requests will be made on this site.  To sign up please use the Well Wishes tab (with heart) and send a message through this site.  Alternatively, you can text Shaz (Eileen's daughter in law) at 857-919-8524. Thank you very much!!  We so appreciate it. VISITS BY FRIENDS AND FAMILY: We would love to see you, and would appreciate a text or call beforehand so we can make sure we’re home to accept visitors. PLEASE leave messages to the family on the "well wishes" tab as the family will be reading these throughout the day.   TIMELINE INFO: David had an X-ray on Monday May 18th which showed suspected cancer in several places.  A follow up MRI a day later revealed cancer metastasis in the lungs, liver, and spine, with the lungs being affected the most.  It is thought that the the primary tumor is in the lung which has spread to the other locations.   The Coronavirus has made this difficult time even more challenging.  David had to go to his first oncology visit alone while the family was on video in the car in the parking lot of the doctor's office. He had a CT scan of the brain on Friday.  He had extensive blood test to determine if he has bio makers, mutations or receptors which could make him a candidate for any of  the new targeted cancer treatments to prolong life. The family is awaiting the results.  This week he is scheduled to have a biopsy of the liver to confirm lung cancer which is needed to determine options for treatment and pain management.  He is also scheduled for a MRI of the spine which has caused a back fracture causing excruciating pain around the clock. The plan is to have radiation to the back to help alleviate this pain.   David’s pain is significant and constant due to all the metastasis. Unfortunately, due to his pain, dehydration and inability to eat, he was admitted to York Hospital on Sunday, May 24th, where he is resting more comfortably.   The family may be able to visit him today (Tuesday) at the hospital if COVID-19 guidelines allow.