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Further information from the truck driver tells us that there was no way that David would have been able to see him. The truck driver tells us that from David's perspective, it would have been clear for about a mile and that David thought it was ok to pass......

The semi clipped him on the left side. The impact broke the front axle on the semi and it rolled. He was thrown clear of the bike. It exploded and burned. He landed on the front lawn of a house that was the home of a retired nurse and her sister who is a pastor. These wonderful ladies wasted no time in helping David!! If they hadn't been there and been so quick to action, we would not have David with us today! We are so grateful for their actions!

There are so many miracles in David's story. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if one component was missing. I want to give the truck driver a huge hug and tell him thank you. He was actually standing up to lean on his steering wheel, trying to turn it. Such a selfless and brave act....Thank you.

David was wearing all the proper gear to ride. He had a good quality helmet, carhart pants, protective jacket and good boots. The doctors tell us that these things were instrumental in saving his life. They also tell us that the helmet company wants the helmet to study it. They do that for improving thier helmets.

Just for information and a list of his injuries: David had a skull fracture that would have possibly killed him had he not been wearing a good helmet. He had bleeding on the brain, he had a bladder torn in 2 places, his left arm was broken in 2 places (he now has 2 metal plates and numerous screws and 2 bolts in it), his pelvis was completely broken in the front and in the back (it has now been reconstructed with 4 metal plates, 16 screws and 2 bolts), his left hip ball and socket were jammed into the pelvis and has now been repaired, his left leg was ripped and torn from the body below the knee. But after arriving at the first hospital, they did have to cut it off above the knee, about mid thigh.

His accident happened at 7:05 am on July 12, I was awakened by a phone call telling me that he had an accident, but I had no idea that it was bad until I got a phone call from the hospital chaplin and then I knew it was really bad, I then got a call from the doctor when he was done with the first of many surgeries. They repaired the bladder and stabilized him in Kalispell. Thanks to Sierra (who kept a level head), I got a flight within a few hours and Sierra and the kids drove with me from Soldotna, Alaska to Anchorage where I got a flight and arrived in Kalispell by midngiht that night, slept with him and Linda in the ICU for just a couple of hours and the next afternoon, Linda and I were with him on a plane to Seattle where we have been since then. We were not allowed to bring any luggage, so we arrived with one change of clothes and no toothbrush. In 2 short but very long weeks, he is now fully alert and progressing.......Thank you Jesus! And to all the miracles along the way, the truck driver, Lea and Janet, David himself for wearing the right gear and not speeding., the crew that responded to the accident...so many things.

We have been told that the troopers on the accident site started processing the paper work for a fatality. They said that they have seen enough accidents to know that he most likely would not make it..........they had to change all their paperwork when they later found out that he was stabilized......God has work for David to do.

God wants David to be here and I am so happy....

                                                                                                    - This is from my older sister Sierra  - 

I would have been there for you if I could have.

I would have lain in the bloody grass with you, stopped the bleeding from your leg. I would have prayed speed for the medics because I could not stop the bleeding inside your body.

I would have held your head as you screamed with terror and pain. Looked in your eyes.

I would have prayed that I could take your place. You know David, that if God would have allowed it I would have. I would have laid down in your blood and saved you from the pain of your mangled body.

I would have talked to you, reminded you those sunny days ages ago when it was just you and me. You were the cutest baby on earth, with brown skin and huge blue eyes. We used to play outside in the dirt together. We were innocent, we were best buddies. I would have reminded you of that, of anything in an attempt to distract you, draw you away from your fear and pain for a bit as we waited for the ambulance.

You have a baby coming David, remember the baby. You will be there to see this baby David, you will dance at your child's wedding, leg or no.

I would have cried tears over your mangled, bloody body but not until you were finally, blissfully unconcious. I would not add to your fear by letting you see me weep over you.

You have a baby on the way now and I am not as important in your life as I once was. But I still love you brother. I love the man that you have become as much as I love the chubby, diapered angel that you were.

I love you for all that you have already been through, and respect you for all that you will still go through.

You have never had and easy path, and it seems that every turn you take there is a struggle for the things I take for granted.

I stood on the shore of the ocean the other day, and thought of you. The pain of what you have lost seemed to hit me in waves. My chest hurt as if I had been stabbed, and I grieved for you. I mourned, on my knees in the sand.

I will be there soon brother. I will kiss your forehead and tell you thank you for wearing your helmet. I will sit with you and hold your hand. And long after I am gone I will still be there with you at your bedside. And every victory you have in your recovery I will still feel as keenly as if I was there, and I will share your heartaches as deeply as any sister can.

- heart  
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