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First post: Feb 1, 2022 Latest post: Feb 18, 2022
Thank you for visiting this page about David Larson, his journey and recovery. Chances are if you are visiting this page you are a friend or family member of David. Chances are you also likely know the past 6 months have been less than smooth for him. While he was on the road to final recovery from his foot injury he ran into a bit of a road block. David was taken to Lakeside ER on  Wednesday January 26th, 2022. He tested positive for Covid and was actively having a heart attack. He was immediately taken to surgery for a heart cath. It was during this time they discovered that David had 3 major blockages. 90% in one, 70% in two others. It was determined he would need to have triple bypass surgery (possibly quadruple) at Bergan Medical. Because he is Covid positive,  his cardiac numbers are "good" and he wasn’t  experiencing chest pain,  doctors/surgeons thought it would be best for his body to recover from Covid  at Lakeside before operating with a live infection. On Saturday January 29, 2022 David developed some chest pain and was feeling "off", it was at this time doctors decided to transfer him to Bergan Medical in the event things took a turn for the worst.  Sunday January 30, 2022, David took a Covid test and was still positive. Monday January 31, 2022 David again tested positive for Covid however doctors and surgeons have now decided there is a greater need to fix his heart and get him onto the road to recovery. They have now upgraded him to a quintuple (5) bypass surgery.  Surgery is currently scheduled for Tuesday February 1, 2022. Please keep David and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He will have a long road ahead of him.  We will do our best to update as often as possible. Thank you!!