Dave Jacob

First post: Jun 15, 2022
Dave Jacob  passed away on May 30th in a hang gliding accident. He was a father to three boys: Riley, Keenan, and Liam, and husband to Kelly Jacob. He was a mechanical engineer, hang glider pilot, rock climber, mountaineer, and so much more. 

He taught his boys how to climb, to shoot, to never do anything half-way, and to always be the first person to step up when help was needed. Everyone knew that if something needed to be fixed or handled, Dave made it happen. He always knew what to do, or seemed to be able to figure it out. He offered himself and his time to the neighbors, his friends, his family, anyone and everyone. He laughed easily, loved to tease the people he cared about, cooked the perfect ribs, and wore the same hiking boots to almost every occasion.  He shared his love of adventure with anyone who he could convince to join him, leading many camping  trips, climbing excursions, and hikes. He would come out of every wild adventure or crazy situation unscathed and ready for the next one. His passing is even more shocking because we all saw him as invincible and unshakable. 

Most of all he made sure everyone knew how proud he was of his boys and how much he adored Kelly. His death leaves a gap that cannot be filled, and he is missed dearly by everyone whose life he touched.

If you've ever had a conversation with Dave, you know he could talk to anyone about anything, and he had a story for every situation. If you have any "Dave stories", photos with him, interactions you remember, or just anything to share with Kelly and the boys, please leave a message here. (Click on the “well wishes” tab to write something)