So many lives created, enriched, and made happier by JD so far (and there are others not in the photo).

Dave (JD) Harvill

First post: Jul 9, 2019 Latest post: Dec 13, 2019
Dave (JD) loves many things in life -- God, Jesus and Christianity, his beautiful wife DeAnna, his family, baseball, and bike-riding.  Recently JD was enjoying one of his life's pleasures -- biking in the neighborhoods near home.  As an athlete and avid bicyclist, he would often ride 10+ miles a day.  On July 2, he lost his balance on a bike-ride and even though wearing a helmet, suffered a traumatic brain injury.

A thoughtful good samaritan witnessed his fall and called for help.  JD was taken and admitted to the Beaumont Farmington Hills, MI critical care unit where he continues his stay.  Despite JD's overall excellent health, he is challenged by the various issues that result from an 80-year-old needing to rest in a bed and heal a bruised brain.  Those issues have and will continue to be the greater risks to JD in the near-term.  We are all praying and hoping that he can quickly resume a level of activity that can eliminate the other risks he faces in his recovery.  Please join us in those prayers.